Missing Tooth

Having a full and complete smile is important and you should be doing everything you can to keep your smile complete and healthy. However, issues can occur, and problems can easily happen. If you’ve recently lost a tooth to decay or disease, it can be difficult to function normally. There are many things you should know about having a missing tooth and how you can replace your tooth.

Dealing with a Missing Tooth

You may not realize that a missing tooth doesn’t only cause aesthetic issues but can cause damage throughout your mouth and further damage to your overall appearance. Your teeth create stimulation on your gums and help to keep your jaw intact and staying firm. When you lose a tooth, this can cause issues with facial sagging and can impact your confidence. It can also be difficult to chew certain foods depending on where your missing tooth is and can cause you to avoid your favorite foods.

Missing teeth can be replaced with many different options, depending on your situation and what can work best for your lifestyle. This may include a dental crown, which is a more permanent and fixed replacement. This involves inserting a titanium post into the gums and creating a fused replacement. You can also use crowns and bridges to create removable replacements and this solution can replace more than one tooth.

Contact Your Dentist Today!

Missing a tooth doesn’t have to be a permanent issue. There are ways to deal with issues that missing teeth can cause and there’s a replacement out there that can work with your lifestyle. It’s important that you learn more about what missing a tooth can do to your smile and how you can work with your dentist to complete your smile again. Contact Dr. Saeed Mehrabani at Hemlock Plaza Family Dental Care in Cary, NC, at (919) 363-0082 for more information today!

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